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Old Dec 14th, 2006, 01:47 PM
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Default Best way to hook up 4 speakers to one zone player (80 or 100)?

Hello all,

I am new to Sonos, I have ordered my ZP100 bundle and it should arrive tomorrow. I was originally planning to hook 4 speakers up to each ZP100 as the FAQ section states is possible. After consulting a friend of mine he said that he wouldnt recommend it because that would lower the wattage to each speaker and degrade the sound to some capacity. Some of the posts in these forums seem to corraborate this.
He suggested I try getting a 4 channel Amp and use the audio output from the ZP100 and put it INTO the 4 channel amp. This way, I could run 2 sets of speakers without any loss in quality of sound or watts/channel.
He suggested, as a good starting point, the Russound 1 Zone/2 Channel Amp DHR235LS. It's about $200. He also mentioned a Jamo model comparable in price.

The questions I have are these:
1. Is this indeed feasible to think that the audio output from the ZP100 into this Russound 4 channel amp will allow me to accomplish what I am trying to do without signal/quality loss?
And, wouldn't I be able to hook up 6 speakers in this config? Meaning 1 pair to the binding posts of the zp 100 and then 2 pair to the amp?

2. I feel that maybe I over purchased and should have gotten the zp80 bundle if I was going to buy this 4 channel amp anyway, for either or both of the ZP100's I have purchased. The ZP 80 would work fine in the afore mentioned config correct?

3. Is there a better solution to my problem than what I have already mentioned. Which is to say, my house is relatively small at 2200 sq feet. Because of cost constraints and the size of my house, I figured 1 zone upstairs and 1 zone on the main level feeding from 1 zone player on each floor would suffice. And if in the future I chose to split them up , I could/would do that.

For 8 pair of speakers (and 2 zones) I would have invested:
$1100 for the bundle
$200 for each amp

$1500 total not including speakers. Any better way to accomplish setting up 2 zones and 4 speakers per zone, for this same money or less?

Thanks in advance

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Old Dec 14th, 2006, 07:55 PM
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On an academic level, I don't like your friend's comment, or perhaps, your report of what your friend said. Up to the point where the amplifer is operating at its power limit, both pairs of speakers will receive the same amount of power as if only one pair was connected. Beyond that point each speaker will still receive the same amount of power as the others, but the amplifier will misbehave.


A ZP100 will safely operate two pairs of 8-Ohm speakers.

My recommendation is to use a volume control for each pair of speakers. This will allow you to adjust the volume of each pair of speakers appropriately for the room size and your preference at the time. Without the volume controls, one room tends to be too loud and the other not loud enough. While the system will be perfectly functional, it will not be fun to use.

If you use "impedance matching" volume contols, it is possible to connect more than two pairs of speakers to a ZP100.

In most home situations 50 Watts per channel is more than enough power, however, if you have aspirations of disco levels, be prepared to $pend for some big amplifiers and "club" type speakers.
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