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Exclamation Integration

Hi folks!
First let me say I think Sonos is about the coolest thing to come along since sliced bread... or, well, at least since the iPod...

A client of mine (I'm a systems integrator) recently purchased one of these gadgets and asked me to set it up for him and connect it to the two surround systems and whole-house audio. Man, was THAT easy!

This however, brings up the one important issue I have with the ZP's... no RS232 or IR integration options. Given that the Sonos System has its own remote on its own wireless channel, and that 2way communication is necessary to operate the system, there is currently no way to integrate it into automated macros or control it via Crestron, FusionRD or Pronto/Marantz/URC.

Given that Universal Remote Controls is about to (we suspect) kick off 2-way RF communication between its MX3000 and highly-anticipated MSC-400 RF basestation, is it likely that we'll see an RF protocol released from Sonos in the near future?

I think Sonos is an ideal product for some of our clients, but the real music-nuts and gear-heads already have integrated systems... and now they have two remotes instead of one.

Apologies for the long first post; just wanted to be clear.

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It has been discussed before. Basically it would mean making the controller also behave as a universal remote. I don't think it will be coming soon.

The closest you can get right now is with Andywick's software:

With the magicsong functionality and eventghost you may be able to let Sonos trigger actions on the pc. Edit: or even just start them from a internet radio preset.
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RS-232 or IR integration is a common request. It would be a mixed blessing. Yes, there are times when I wish that I could issue a command of some sort to an external box, however, the present ease of installation would be tarnished.

Can you imagine the support calls that would be generated when users attempted to control a Motorola cable box's power?

SONOS wants their system to be an appliance -- plug it in and it just works. At this point you know that, unless there were wires to pull and speakers to mount, the customer could have easily installed the system themselves. Dealing with the quirks of IR and RS-232 control is not an "appliance" sort of operation.
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I'm sure the HIGH PRICED programmers from Crestron and the other high end systems mentioned can fashion an interface using the UPNP protocol that the Sonos uses.
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