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Old Dec 22nd, 2012, 11:22 PM
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Default Unable to Update (1101)

A couple of weeks ago when Sonos released the 3.8.3 update I went through the normal update process when I started the desktop controller on my iMac, however the wireless connection to one of my zones (my bathroom) dropped part way through the update (a long standing, but different problem), resulting in the update stopping part way through, and not completing despite being left for a couple of hours. This was the last zone to update, after all the others had done so successfully.

I now have a situation where the rest of my bridges and zone players are all running on 3.8.3, however the bathroom is on 3.8. When I launch the Sonos controller from either my iMac (v.3.8.3) or my iPad (v.3.8.4) it tells me I need to update, however whenever I've tried to do the update over the last couple of weeks I constantly get the 1101 error.

I can happily use all of the other zones, apart from the bathroom when I use the controller on my iMac, however now can't use the controller on my iPad as it doesn't give you the option to continue using the controller in the same way as the desktop controller does.

Constantly getting the 1101 error is odd enough, however it's now even more strange as I tried to use the desktop controller (v.3.8.2) on my MacBook Pro this morning and I can only use it to control my bathroom zone (which will play and control it without any problems), however it reports that all of the other zones need to be updated. When I try and update, again I get the 1101 error.

According to IP Scanner I don't have any IP address conflicts, however I've been through the normal restarting process, and still get the same issues.

I would be most grateful for any thoughts or comments from the forum as to what the issue might be, and how I might be able to resolve it.



Bathroom: Connect Amp (v.3.8)
Study: Connect (v.3.8.3)
Living Room: Connect (v.3.8.3)
Upstairs Bridge: Bridge (v.3.8.3)
Downstairs Bridge: Bridge (v.3.8.3)

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Old Dec 26th, 2012, 01:45 AM
Earnsahc Earnsahc is offline
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I managed to resolve the problem, although as it seems rather strange I'm posting it here in case others have similar issues:

I very rarely use the Sonos app on my iPhone, however, out of desperation to find the cause of the problem I launched it. It reported that all of my components needed to be updated (?). I shut the app down, launched it again, and it reported that only the bathroom zone needed to be updated. I tried the update from my iPhone, and it worked, and now all zones are updated and accessible.

Nothing else in the system changed, no other devices used or settings changed in the meantime.

Rather odd, but now working.
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Old Dec 26th, 2012, 09:21 AM
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Default 3.8.3 service patch (pack) question

I am a long time satisfied Sonos owner but a first time forum user as I have never had an issue with my system. But, I now have a major problem. My Play 5 worked flawlessly connected wirelessly to my Bridge for about two years but it lost the connection a couple of days ago and I can't get it to connect no matter what I do. Somewhere in these threads I read that there is a service patch available for the 3.8.3 (build 19459140) that fixes the connection problem that I am having with my Play 5 that started happening after I upgraded to 3.8.3 a couple of weeks ago. I checked for the service pack update in my controller and it says that my software is up to date. Does anyone know if the patch is out there and if it is how do I get it if my controller says that the software is up to date. Any advice on getting the Play 5 to reconnect would be greatly appreciated.
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