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Old Mar 24th, 2011, 02:56 PM
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Default Just getting started: In-Ceiling Speakers

We're looking to use a few Sonos ZP120 units in our new home and would like to match them with good, if not necessarily high-end, in-ceiling speakers. Each person with whom I have spoken has had a different recommendation (e.g., Polk MC60, SpeakerCraft AIM5 Three, B&W ccm618, and Klipsch cdt-2650-c). I have been unable to find any useful reviews of any of these speakers (perhaps because they are at the low end of the spectrum), but I would like to get the best we can out of our limited budget (up to $250 per speaker). Any suggestions for in-ceiling speakers--especially if it is suggesting one of the mentioned models over the others--would be sincerely appreciated.
Old Mar 25th, 2011, 02:56 PM
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Useful reviews are hard to come by because, unlike say floorstanding speakers which can be tested in a 'reference room', the performance of ceiling speakers are totally dependent on where and how they are fitted.

From my limited knowledge (I'd recommend a few hours trawling AV forums) and on the basis you are after a 6" speaker I'd go for the Speakercraft just ahead of the B&W. They come well recommended, particualy by specialist Sonos stocklists and as they are (I think) US speakers, you probably get more bang for your buck. They are better at dispersing sound rather than directing it. The B&W come a close second but would be better if you prefer a more directional sound. However in that case I'd recommend another speaker, the KEF Cl 160.2QR over the B&W at around £160 per speaker which is what I've just purchased.

Of your other speakers the Polk are more suited to AV systems (the TC60 would be a better choice for a Sonos) and I've never heard of the Klipsch!)
Old Mar 25th, 2011, 08:56 PM
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Default In Ceiling Speakers

I am the owner fa company calked Audio Video Specalists. We are located in Northern New Jersey USA . We are a Sonos Dealer. We install many Sonos Systems using in ceiling mounted speakers from a company called Proficent. They make an excellent 8" speaker that every one of our customers has raved about. It is called the Profficent C800 speaker and are sold in pairs priced around $225.00 from our supply house. You can look on line at www.proficient.com for a list of distributors in your area. They are very good Whole House Music Speakers.
Best Of Luck To You.
Frederic B. Squires VP
Audio Video Specialists

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Old Mar 28th, 2011, 07:43 AM
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Default Ceiling Speakers

First of all, the link to Proficient speakers on a previous post looks suspicious.

Secondly, no matter which speakers you settle on, their performance will be greatly enhanced by installing speaker boxes in preplanned locations before the sheetrock is installed. Be sure that they are deep enough to accommodate the speakers you intend to purchase. Surround the exterior with fiberglass insulation to help isolate the sound from the floor above. Loosely fill the boxes with fiberglass insulation which will enhance the performance of the speaker enclosure by making it sound larger than it actually is.
Old Mar 28th, 2011, 08:28 AM
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Default In-Ceiling Speakers - Klipsch CDT 5800-C

I second JazzinCaz comments with respect to proper speaker installation. It really can make a tremendous difference, particularly in the lower mid-range and bass.

I would add my vote for Klipsch. I have two pairs of Klipsch CDT 5800-C installed on a large back patio. The sound from these is very good, and given that they are playing into an open space the bass much better than one would expect. They have 8" woofers, similar to the Proficient speakers a previous poster mentioned. These list for $399 MSRP each, but with a little searching you may be able to find them in your price range (I did).

A few comments with respect to ceiling speakers in general. They tend to be anemic with respect to bass. This is both because of size of the woofer and the typical installation does not include a proper enclosure with "stuffing". For the lower non-directional range, you can add a sub-woofer. Also, pay attention to the efficiency rating of the speakers and remember that a 3db difference in efficiency equates to doubling in sound pressure (loudness).
Old Mar 28th, 2011, 08:49 AM
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The link for Proficient should be:


They're a sister company of Speakercraft. They actually do make good gear that performs well and has a good warranty.

$500 per pair of in-ceilings open a lot of doors. Are there any dealers nearby where you can demo some different brands/ models?

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