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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 10:19 AM
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Question What is the Best File Structure for the NAS

I am new to setting up a NAS for my Ripped CDs. I am using the Apple Lossless CODEC and specify the destination folder on my network drive but the Apple software places another two folders called "music" and "add to itunes" inside the destination I specify. It then places the ripped CDs into the extra "Music" folder it created. Here are my questions:

1. Is there any reason to keep the Apple created file structure after I rip the CDs?

2. I am planning to have several folders like "Christmas", "My Music", "Wifes Music", etc. to simplify finding CD's. What are suggestions from experienced NAS users for an optimum file structure.
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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 05:55 PM
BarryM BarryM is online now
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Originally Posted by JazzinCaz View Post
I am planning to have several folders like "Christmas", "My Music", "Wifes Music", etc. to simplify finding CD's. What are suggestions from experienced NAS users for an optimum file structure.
The Sonos indexing process ignores your file structure, so from the perspective of the Album, Artist, Genre, Composer, and Contributing Artist indexes, your file structure schema is irrelevant.

The only impact is when selecting what to play via the Folders index. Your suggestion of My Music and Wife's Music etc will allow you filter your music choice by these categories. Within each you would then want a structure that models how you prefer to see your music; i.e. Genre folders, or Artist Folders, or just a folder for each album. You get choose only one, unless you hold duplicate copies of the music, and then re-tag the extra copies, so that Sonos sees them as being different. If you have a large collection you will miss the alphabetic jump-to facility on the right hand side of the controller screen, as this hasn't been implemented for the Folder index.

You could add Christmas music in it's own share. That way you could remove the share from Sonos' view for non-appropriate times of the year.

I can't help you with the Apple/iTunes part of your query.
A how-to document showing the use of MediaMonkey for improved desktop browsing of your local Sonos library, including Sonos playcounts.

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Old Nov 29th, 2010, 11:11 PM
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Originally Posted by BarryM View Post
I can't help you with the Apple/iTunes part of your query.
In fact, it's only useful if Jazzin wants to use iTunes for listening music too. In this case, he can modify info tracks at the fly. If he uses iTunes for ripping only and Sonos for listening, the Apple file structure is no use and can be changed.

have a nice day...
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Old Nov 30th, 2010, 05:30 PM
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I use DbPowerAmp to rip my Music... it has very flexible naming preferences.

My share is called "music"

Artist Name / Album Title / 01 Song Title.flac

Various Artists / Album Title / 02 Artist Name - Song Title.flac

This is fairly scalable, makes it easy to navigate around the artists and albums on the Mac.

Files are imported by tag by Sonos so the Album hierarchy doesn't matter so much.
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Old Dec 9th, 2010, 05:10 AM
DerZauberer DerZauberer is offline
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It all depends on the number of tracks in your library.

If there's only a few, don't bother at all. It'll work out just fine, any which way.

If (like som people here) you have loads (and by that I mean seriously beyond 20k tracks), you will probably have sorted out "your" structure already.

Because that depends on you music taste & number of different styles, structure of your music collection, usage of you music (SONOS only vs. Itunes and MP3 players etc. etc.), file formats (all MP3 or mix or all FLAC), etc.

There is no such thing as "the best" structure. There's only one that works for you.

What works for me is:

- General sorting into different main genres (which for me are Rock/Pop/R&B, Blues&Roots, Jazz, Classical, Medieval, Sountracks, Own Music)
- In the "big" folders of my collection (the first two mentioned above), I have a full A-Z subfolder structure
- Artists with more than one album will have individual subfolders beneath those, sorted by surname / band name without "the"
- Individual folder names are "Artist" (Year) "Album Title"
- File names are simply "Track No" - "Title"

Sounds complex/sophisticated? Maybe. But it works for me and I am very happy I keep to this structure 100%. And I sort all my files MANUALLY, without iTunes, I like to copy&paste stuff just where it should be and edit Tags myself (using MP3tag) according to my very on conventions.

YES, it's a lot of work. But it makes finding stuff a breeze - really. I am one of those people that mainly addresses SONOS through the folder view because it's so fast...

But again, young Jedi - it's a long journey, and the answer is there for you to find out.
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