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Old Apr 21st, 2009, 11:49 AM
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Arrow Community-supported Sonos software: Available here!

As the list of sticky threads was growing longer and longer, we decided to reference those excellent finds from this forum right here.

The links here will reference you to software that works well with Sonos, but isn't officially supported by Sonos. They are projects by forum members, supported by these members, not by Sonos. All of them are free, some of them open-source. Please respect any licensing and redistribution restrictions that may be applicable for these apps.

Versazones Mobile
Author: dloendorf
Sonos controller for the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system.

Andronos Android Controller
Author: recht
Sonos controller that runs on Android devices.

Java Based Controller
Author: hippysoyboy
Sonos controller implemented in Java. Runs on any system supporting Java, including Linux.

Web Controller Software
Author: AndyWick
Control Sonos with a web browser. Requires a computer to run on. Runs on any operating system that supports perl. Tested on Windows XP, OS X, and Linux.

Sonos Queue Tool
Author: SteveEisner
Allows windows users to "drag" mp3 web links, files or folders to their Zoneplayers for playback.

Asset UPnP
Author: spoon
Ties into Sonos as a Rhapsody UPnP server. Allows a complete customization of the browsing tree by any kind of tag. Transcodes unsupported formats. Supports browsing of more than 65000 tracks. Runs on Windows computers and WHS NAS.

iTunes Library Manager
Author: DarrenLink
For Sonos users who use lossy formats for their ipods and lossless for their Sonos. It makes a custom XML file on the NAS with references adjusted to the lossless files, and allows to pick which playlists are transferred from iTunes to Sonos.

Vortexbox NAS operating system
Author: Agilis
This is a complete linux setup to turn a PC into a self-ripping NAS device. It has special tweaks for Sonos, including an auto-reindex after ripping.

Sonoswatcher Application
Author: Osler
Application that allows a Windows computer to execute programs based on the status of a Zoneplayer. Useful for Sonos integration into your home automation.

Zoneplayer Command Line Tool
Author: Osler
Windows command line application that can send basic commands to your Zoneplayers. Useful for Sonos integration into your home automation.

Scripts for Housebot home automation software
Author: Osler
Allows for Sonos control from the Housebot home automation software.

Scripts for Homeseer home automation software
Author: MichaelD
Integrates Sonos into a Homeseer home automation system. They allow for controlling Sonos, and even for controlling Homeseer via the Sonos controller.

M3U4U: Workaround to access over 65.000 tracks through the library
Author: Ramses800
This tool allows you to automatically create a structure of M3U playlists that reference music on a different share, which is not indexed by Sonos directly. This mechanism allows to access those files by using the browse by folder option in the music menu. This is useful for users who have more than 65000 tracks, as Sonos won't hold more than that in its regular index.

Last edited by Avee; Feb 15th, 2011 at 08:56 AM. Reason: Removed homeseer plugin since it is commercial, doesn't meet requirements for this list
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