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Old Dec 3rd, 2011, 03:06 PM
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Default Sonos Line In Delay?

If I play music on my normal stereo and have sonos connect/zp90 or similar connected to the line out of that stereo and play that signal out in the other zones won't I get an echo/delay in the other zones? I have an open plan kitchen and living room and I think that there will be a delay in processing the line in and sending it across the sonos mesh resulting in an echo.
I need to check this before I buy.
There is a lot of discussion about delay the other way when using the sonos as input to a surround sound system with processing but I've seen nothing relating to my particular quandary.
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Old Dec 3rd, 2011, 03:33 PM
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With the Line-In set to 'Uncompressed', the delay is very small, on the order of 70ms, or so. That's acceptable as far as trying to get lip-sync on video, for example, but it won't work if the original source is also audible, such as if the TV speakers are on, or as in the case you describe where the original source and Sonos are both audible. That echo would drive most people crazy.

I have a ZP80 connected to my home theater receiver via the analog tape jacks. The REC jacks feed Line-In, and Line-Out is connected to the receiver's PLAY jacks. The receiver allows me to select which input (AM/FM/CD/etc) appears on the REC outputs, and it also allows me to select the tape PLAY input as the source to listen to. Connected like that, all of my Sonos zones are 'post-delay', and there's no echo (provided I set my AVR to 'Direct', so I don't get the processing delays you mention).
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Old Dec 3rd, 2011, 03:34 PM
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You will have a delay. The best thing to do is put a ZP90 as a source on your stereo. Then your stereo is a zone and (barring any processing delays in your receiver) can be linked and synced like any other zone.
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