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Old May 1st, 2012, 11:29 AM
Dazed & Confused Dazed & Confused is offline
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Exclamation Search useless on Napster by Rhapsody (UK)

Here's just one example. Search for:

'The Day The World Went Away' under tracks.

Only something by 'Warriors of the Heavy'

Now search for 'The Fragile' under albums.

Only something called 'The Fragile Army'

Now Search for 'Nine Inch Nails' under artists. It's there.

Now go to 'Top Albums'.

Look! There's an album called 'The Fragile' at number 10!

And guess what! Inside it, at number 2, a track called 'The Day The World Went Away'.

What's the point of having millions of songs if you can't even find them when you know the EXACT name of both the track and album? How many artists is it also failing to find?

This is appallingly bad, and needs to be fixed immediately.
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Old May 1st, 2012, 12:29 PM
MalcolmS MalcolmS is offline
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I tried same searches on MOG and Spotify. MOG was more forgiving finding the track even when i mis-spelt World. MOG found it with just Day World Went but Spotify needed exact title.

Same with the album - MOG found with Fragile. Spotify needed The Fragile

Great track btw :-)
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Old May 3rd, 2012, 12:23 PM
j.doe j.doe is offline
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I've noticed quite a few examples of this myself. Searches using Album or Track don't return anything but if you search under Artist you can indirectly find the album/track you're looking for. Two examples are Wynton Marsalis/My Funny Valentine and Diana Krall/From This Moment On

I raised this with Napster support last week but just got a stock reply saying that they're still in the process of moving all songs and artists over to their new platform. I replied pointing out that they hadn't actually addressed the issue I had raised but their second email was pretty much along the same lines i.e. we're still updating tracks that were previously available on the old Napster platform. They did, however, give me 14 free days service although, to be honest, I'd rather just have a reliable search.

Since it's now over a month since the Rhapsody changeover and Napster are still unable to give any timeframe for the resolution of their current problems I'm beginning to lose patience, which is a pity since I really enjoyed the old Napster service.
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Old Sep 2nd, 2012, 09:58 AM
Dazed & Confused Dazed & Confused is offline
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The problem is still there - plus it seems to be affecting the playlist updater too. I've given up with Sosos support, so have opened this thread:

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Old Sep 3rd, 2012, 10:59 AM
controlav controlav is offline
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FWIW I believe this is a problem with the "Napsody" service: in the US these searches seem to work fine against Rhapsody. This means you should direct your feedback at "Napster from Rhapsody". The services use identical APIs but hit totally different back-ends.
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