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Old Mar 23rd, 2012, 07:16 PM
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Originally Posted by robokitty View Post
Back when I was condemned to using wifi as my internet connection I had tons of problems. But it was always obvious to me what the problem was. For example, I'd be playing "counter strike" online and my character would freeze, then a message would come onto the screen saying "network connection lost" and a timer would appear. After 30 seconds I would get kicked out.

Same with using a web browser - sometimes it would crap out, but almost always with a useful message.

Conclusion - software that is intended to work on networks that are inherently unreliable needs to:

a) Let the user know that network issues are causing a problem.

b) Operate as reliably as possible in the face of expected network issues (and NAS file system problems).

c) Log sufficient information that support can fully diagnose the problem.

I'm starting to be convinced that the Sonos software - as nice as it is - could use some work in all of the three areas above.
The Sonos s/w probably already does a good job with points 2 & 3, but I fully agree with your 1st point.
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